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Sultan Al Neyadi expresses need to return to house

Sultan Al Neyadi expresses need to return to house

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UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has stated he want to return to house sooner or later and thanked those that made his six-month expedition potential. Al Neyadi was talking throughout a NASA press convention, alongside different members of Crew-6.

The spaceman spoke of his gratitude to the group working behind the scenes that made his historic six-month house mission potential and stated he would return to house – with out hesitation.

“Definitely I want to go to space [again],” he stated. “If I get to travel with you guys again, definitely I would go with you,” he added, talking to his fellow Crew-6 members.

Al Neyadi additionally stated how adapting to gravity upon his return offered sudden challenges. 

“Everything feels really heavy. I remember Steve [Bowen] handing me a bottle of water, it felt really heavy. I didn’t drink it because I didn’t want to move a lot.” 

“It’s amazing how quickly you can get better, it’s by the hour. You start moving your arms, standing, moving your legs.”

“It’s amazing how you do recover but it’s not easy, you might have difficulty walking or have motion sickness.”

“This is a good opportunity to thank everybody in the recovery team, flight surgeons, rehabilitation facilities to make us get back to normal as quickly as possible.”  

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