Impact extra necessary than information says Sultan Al Neyadi

Published: September 13, 2023

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The lasting affect of the UAE’s Space Mission is extra necessary than private information, in accordance with Sultan Al Neyadi. The spaceman mentioned information will be damaged and it is extra necessary to get individuals speaking about house exploration.

Speaking on the Crew-6 post-flight press convention, the astronaut spoke in regards to the significance of getting younger individuals and speaking about house and the way it means extra to him than any file.

“Honestly I don’t think of my mission as a record. Records can be broken easily, but I would love to think of it as a good mission.” He mentioned.

“It’s really nice to see youngsters and community overall talking about space and why do we do science in space.” 

“I want to go back and share the experience, and answer some questions. I want to give my perspective to my mission, and I wanted to do that even before my arrival. I was engaging with a lot of people and speaking the Arabic language and trying to explain things in a simple, scientific way.” 

The astronaut additionally shared his expertise being the primary Arab to conduct a spacewalk. “It was great to have that moment to be able to look down to earth and seeing nothing. The only thing protecting you from dying is a thin glass. We did have some time to take some pictures in the moment.”

Al Neyadi and his crewmates are presently within the United States present process routine checks having returned to Earth earlier this month. 

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